Marketing Support

Marketing Support

Cool Wave Pansies are an exceptional product. Cool Wave is not just another pansy but a Cool Wave Pansy. The promotion of Cool Wave is in full swing and we ask you to take full benefit from this raised awareness now!

The supporting marketing material is available in four languages plus a multi-language version. We work together with leading suppliers of point of sale  marketing materials like Floramedia and pot manufacturers. The full marketing programme is available directly from young plant suppliers or from cooperating suppliers of point of sale materials.

The Cool Wave programme has been thoroughly thought through and stock is available for you to purchase. For the Cool Wave marketing programme there is no need for you to pay any royalties and no need to buy large numbers either plus, delivery times are short. 

You can simply ask your young plant supplier, contact your point of sale supplier for pots or marketing materials or contact us for more information. The Wave team will gladly assist you. 


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