How will your spring sales be next year?

Uploaded on 30-04-2014

Forecasting your spring sales doesn’t get any easier with the spring behaving so inconsistently over the past couple of years. And yet now is the time to start preparing your pansy production for next year. But luckily the increasing popularity of Cool Wave makes planning trailing pansy production an easier decision to make. In the spring of 2015, expect more demand and more promotion to help drive your sales.

Quoting a buyer for a large retail chain in Europe: “I thought it was mostly a marketing story, but it is true. Cool Wave is really a fantastic trailing pansy. I tried it myself.” Marketing manager for Europe Jeroen W. Ravensbergen adds: “This is just one example of the type of comments we have been receiving over the past six months. It just shows that there is an enormous interest in this unique type of trailing pansies, and illustrates the exceptional performance of this innovative product. And with more consumers buying Cool Wave this year all across Europe, we know many people will come back next spring to buy new Cool Wave.”

The introduction of a new product like Cool Wave can take several years before it is wide spread and well known amongst the general public. But the launch is well underway. Presented at many trade shows and retail events, there aren’t many people in the business that at this present time do not know about Cool Wave. Further, the name Cool Wave is also becoming established in the hearts and minds of consumers. Promotions at garden fairs, roadshows and lots of advertising, PR and articles in leading magazines across Europe have already led to consumers asking for Cool Wave trailing pansies by name. The website is frequently visited by unique and returning visitors alike and the Facebook pages have a combined number of over 25,000 ‘’likes’’ already.

Promotion campaign

To make sure the demand continues to increase, PanAmerican Seed is already preparing the promotional campaign for next year. Celebrities are acting as ambassadors for Cool Wave, and future colours are being used. More advertising, more PR and more social media will fuel the rapidly increasing demand for information and in order for gardeners to find the product easily, the Wave website Store Locator is being made aware to consumers. Plus, the Wave promotion materials make Cool Wave stand out in a busy retail environment and are in stock ready to help you sell more. All Cool Wave marketing materials are available to order now and can easily be ordered via the webshop.

Pansy expert Jeroen W. Ravensbergen concludes: “It is important that people are aware of the increasing popularity of Cool Wave and I am encouraging growers to be prepared too. It would be a missed opportunity if demand for a desirable product like Cool Wave cannot be met because the experiences, expectations and promotion plans are not shared. We need to work together within the whole chain, making sure more Cool Wave is planned again for 2015 spring sales.”

One last tip Jeroen has for pansy growers: “Make sure you sell Cool Wave under its name so that the enthusiastic consumer gardeners can easily find your products.”

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